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We organize private trips for organizations, group trips open to the public, and offer a concierge service for independent travelers.


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Stay independent. Our concierge service will guide you put together your best Cuba trip possible. Trip planning, travel advice and much more. 


Group Travel

Customized group trips that exceed your expectations. No cookie-cutter plans here—we develop immersive experiences to help you meet on-the-ground experts in topics you care about.

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Our story

Our team of professionals has been involved with Cuba for over a decade. We’ve curated unforgettable experiences for countless travelers, organized US-Cuba academic exchanges, hosted Cubans for educational programs in the US and helped business professionals scout the market.

Springboard Cuba is a social venture. We’re entrepreneurs on a mission to promote productive US-Cuba engagement. Our programs are designed to support the Cuban people through sustainable, responsible travel and programs that advance educational and cultural exchange. 

Delighting customers

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Learning through interactions


These are the people working to bring you rich, behind-the-scenes experiences.



Music lover, nature enthusiast and bookworm.  Passionate about sustainability. Working to provide the best Cuba experience so you don’t have to stress about it. “Cuba is a vibrant and lively country. We want to take you behind the scenes.”



Travel  enthusiast, podcast lover and people person. Going the extra mile to build community. “My mission is to create an unforgettable experience.”

On-The-ground experts

Local Liaisons

Artists, entrepreneurs, musicians, scholars, community leaders, local movers and shakers, and everyday people. “I want to show what Cuba has to offer and go deep beneath the surface. I want to exceed their expectations.”

What people are saying

It was definitely led with heart, and well-organized, and well-balanced in terms of what we covered and I trusted the people I was with.

Communicating with people here, that’s been tremendous for me.  And I like that people are candid. 


I absolutely would recommend Springboard Cuba. The professionalism is amazing. The amount of preparation that we had was really good. I didn’t always have a chance to read it. But at least I have it in my email so I can always go back and read it later in the plane. And of course, Chandler and Matt are awesome to work with. So yeah, highly recommend.


The trip is really amazing, but my most favorite thing that I have done through the help of Springboard Cuba is the people-to-people portion of it. I got to meet a lot of people that I could have never have met on my own. The stories that they tell, the lives that they’ve lived, and the fun personalities that they have is really amazing.


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